Matters needing attention

Issuing time:2018-04-24 10:25

When the host machine is in use, it should avoid placing dead Angle to keep the signal receiving in good condition.

Do not throw, drop, throw, throw, or otherwise injure yourself when using a handheld microphone to avoid serious damage.

If the microphone is not used for a long time, please remove the battery to prevent battery leakage.

If the receiving captain is not in use for a long time, please pull the power plug.

The body is not waterproof, please avoid water directly into the body.

If the machine falls down or foreign bodies enter the body, please do not continue to use it and contact the local dealer immediately.

This machine does not contain any parts that can be modified, please do not disassemble or assemble by yourself, otherwise you will lose the right of warranty, and may be unable to use the machine.

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