COK group joined hands with the national elite e-commerce team to complete the training session

Issuing time:2018-05-24 14:44

COK group joins hands with the national elite e-commerce team

Internal training - guangzhou station

Continuous learning, continuous progress! Continuous progress, to walk in the forefront of the industry!

In order to keep pace with the new era of e-commerce, COK group, together with the national elite e-commerce team, carries out a 5-day internal training course to learn the most cutting-edge e-commerce business skills with everyone.

In this e-business internal training special session, we hired a number of professional lecturers, for the operation of special training, human efficiency drive, through train, visual marketing these four major aspects, to train our students.

On the first day of the internal training course of e-commerce, many students gathered at the headquarters of COK group and set off for the training site together.

After arriving at the venue, the busy course began immediately!

As the lesson progressed, the participants listened more attentively and carefully recorded each point.

In addition to learning more professional knowledge about e-commerce through the 5-day course, we were still strangers to each other before, and now we have become friends for common progress.

Only through common progress can we create greater benefits. COK group, together with the national elite e-commerce team, held a special training session -- guangzhou railway station. Thank you for your continuous support. COK group will continue to work with customers and partners to common progress! Lead everyone to walk in the front end of the industry!

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