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Established in 2004, C.O.K brand group is a high-end electronic enterprise integrating independent research and development, mass production, precise sales and high-quality service. Its subsidiaries include jetcore, jinke, yiheng, senertong, XMC, each core, weixin, etc., which are integrated and perfectly coordinated with each other to form a huge supply chain for productdevelopment, production and sales.
C.O.K brand group has been committed to independent research and development of products for 15 years. In order to meet the development requirements of the industry, C.O.K brand group has established audio-visual technology research center and mobile product research and development center. From the mold research and development department, electronic engineering department, production injection molding department, production electronics department, to the production quality department, the formation of a standardized integrated professional model; Establish and build freezing, high temperature, drop, vibration, salt fog laboratory to ensure that each product meets the national standards, or even higher than the national standards.
C.O.K brand group adhering to the "people-oriented" faith, adhere to absorb talents, training talents, attaches great importance to the talent development strategy, take the humanized management, provide staff with comfortable working environment and provide a good platform for the development, current C.O.K brand group has created a lean management team and highly qualified professional and technical team.
Over the past 15 years, the C.O.K brand group has completed the accumulation of research and development, technology, products and talents. C.O.K brand group will continue to take quality as its responsibility, innovation as its soul and value as its belief. Adhere to the specialization, scale, differentiation, internationalization of the enterprise development path. Hand in hand, win-win cooperation, create unlimited brilliant!
Enterprise idea

Humility, humility, humility.

Honesty, sincerity, loyalty, to love and righteousness.

Diligence, diligence, willing to take responsibility.

Quick to grasp the key essence, quick action to create a winning situation, quick to grasp the opportunity, take action, and get a good position in the market.

The core technology

The talent structure of C.O.K brand group company is reasonable, with many doctors as the main technical backbone, with more than 1000 employees with high and intermediate technical titles of master and bachelor, and 1000 ordinary employees, and a number of products have obtained patent certification. In order to develop patent products that are truly suitable for the needs of enterprises, enterprises specially invite first-line experts in various industries (academicians of the Chinese academy of sciences) as consultants to closely track the wireless technology and industry development characteristics, and constantly optimize research and development and progress, so that users can get the best quality service and the best return on investment.

Three product systems

Family entertainment KTV relax business meetings, stage performance, intelligent anchors, automatic tracking, automatic interference avoidance, super long endurance, anti whistling, multiple sound effects.

The consulting center focuses on industry trends


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